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The Right Way To Nurture Your Child's Talent In Sports

Hosted by
Tola Ogunlewe
June 29th
8:00 pm WAT

Here is What You'll Learn

How To Get Your Child Started In Sports So They Can Love It

There's no way your child will become a professional athlete or develop their character and mindset through sports if they don't love it.

Why As A High Income/Above Average Background Parent, You Need A Different Approach To Your Child's Sports Journey

The truth is because of your background and income level, the rules of the game are different for you. You need to know the rules to play by.

The 5 Part Framework For Supporting Your Child's Sports Journey

There's a specific framework you can follow to not only take full advantage of sports but to also sustain the journey.

The Most Common Mistakes Sports Parents Make

Most sports parents get it wrong from the very beginning. You need to know the mistakes to avoid on your child's sports journey

And Much More.........

Even Much More............


Hi, I’m Tola Ogunlewe

I’m a Sports Lawyer, Sports Performance and Sports Parenting Coach.

Over the last 7 years I’ve hosted the podcast called Athlete Maestro (with over 1000 episodes) where I’ve helped many young athletes and sports parents better understand the sports journey and what it takes to be successful in sports. 

One difficulty parents from high income or above average backgrounds have is committing to the process of sports for their children whether before they become professional or as a tool to build their character and mindset.

As someone who has been through this exact process where I pursued a professional career in sports and used sports to build my character and mindset, I've learnt the dos and donts of Sports Parenting.

I want to teach you how to prepare your child for professional sports or use sports to build their character and mindset. Its the same process I go through with my daughter.

What most parents do is have a nonchalant attitude towards sports or they suspend sports until the completion of education and then begin the sports process. What happens is that by the time many parents start taking sports seriously, its usually too late for their child to make any positive impact in sports.

I want to use my experience as your guide.

Let me teach you Sports Parenting the right way.

June 29th
8:00 pm WAT
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